GSS is a small company of highly skilled individuals devoted to bringing top notch quality in their work.

Our knowledge ranges from the deepest fields of programming to the darkest corners of IT security.

Our philosophy is "work better to work less", since only a well done job can assure peace of mind in terms of reliability and flawless efficiency.

GSS is very strict about its collaborations, striving every day to leave bullshit out of its business.

Sounds high and mighty? Maybe, but try hiring us and feel the difference.


The following is just a short list of what we can offer, but possibilities are endless.

Just ask what you never dared to ask and you'll realize there's almost nothing that can't be done.

  • High level software development in almost every programming language available
  • Financial trading software development with all trading platforms and brokers available on the market
  • Secure and scalable high-load server solutions
  • Security assessment of IT infrastructures and penetration testing
  • Software code revision against reverse engineering
  • Complex home security and automation projects
  • Forensic investigation and recovery of data from multiple sources
  • Hosting facilities suited for all power/bandwidth/storage needs


Our main offices are located in Switzerland and operate worldwide. Our team ensures 24/7 coverage support in all areas.

For any inquiries please feel free to contact us at any of the addresses below.



P.O. Box 205
6965 Cadro